My taster real-estate agent – varied, exciting, exhausting in the property of Balchik

Brokerage internship: the way to work in a different way

I`m at the property in Balchik and it is Wednesday morning, my alarm goes off. So far, so good. When I see that it’s 4:50 clock, I scare myself and think about what is different today. I just met a group of Englishman who are here for vacation. Sure – I ‘m so today my trial day at Kamp Meyer Real Estate in Balchik. So go ahead, get out of bed and on to the airport!

On the way I imagine what I’ll do everything today. After a short nap on the plane I land shortly after 8 clock in the property in Balchik. From there, you go by taxi to Waidmarkt – a known address in the property in Balchik. There I am at 8:35 clock in front of the still closed shop of Kamp Meyer Real Estate and I am impressed. Everything looks very modern, and I recognize immediately the avatar by Roland Meyer Kamp on the window pane. I ‘m on my way to the office on the first floor.

Start to the working day: team meeting

Büro KampmeyerErik, the assistant of Roland is already there and make me pure. Even the office is super modern, with lots of white furniture and a large flat screen in the hall.

Erik shows me around briefly and explained to me how he starts his day. Gradually, the other colleagues come to this. At 09:30 clock a team meeting is scheduled, which takes place every Wednesday. Another ritual: Roland’s wife always bake another cake. This time chocolate and walnut brownies ( hmmm… yummy ).

The meeting begins, and we look at the current statistics in the Scout Manager, including the ratings and the telephone statistics. It is, inter alia, discussed how the customers can be persuaded to rate on the site