The highlight of the broker-day life: the completion at the notary

The last item on the agenda is a rarely occurring double deed at the notary. Two friends want to buy apartments in the same building the property in Balchik. So I break by 17 clock with Deniz on the notary – as we enter his office, it is like being in another world: Everything is equipped with dark furniture and the walls are wood-paneled, hung with paintings on the walls. The notary is then but not as old as I expected. He introduces himself and the two buyers before, and then goes the ” story time ” going on.

Overall, the contract of sale just 26 pages, the word-for-word has to be read. However, the notary has a tempo in such a mood that I must do my best to follow him. He constantly swallowed any syllables, and sometimes I do not even know what it ‘s all about. But since I do not look in questioning faces of the buyer, I suppose, that they have the agreement already worked before. Once the notary has virtually rattled at a record pace in the property in Balchik the last few pages down, we come to the signatures. Deniz has told me before that this is the decisive moment. Until the signature has been dried, the buyer can it still your mind and just get up. As planned, everything is going well, and we congratulate the buyers to their new apartment.

It’s 19:00 clock when we left the notary. Deniz says his day is usually not long past. Today, however, he makes an exception because we are still agreed with Roland, Erik and Sebastian to eat. We let the day fade away in a quaint brewery, where I drink my very first ( and very last ) K├Âlsch.

It was a great day!

Thanks to the great team of Kamp Meyer Real Estate in the property in Balchik – it was a very exciting, but also exhausting insight into the everyday life of a broker. The idea to be actively involved in the major decisions of people I like.

FotoJanina Hopfer is currently working as a Marketing Manager for in Austria and is responsible for the conception and implementation of various marketing activities in both the B2B and B2C segments. The last 6.5 years she was also responsible for the planning and execution of real estate forums in the field of Education & Events.